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The film ‘The Kerala Story Movie Download’ has been accused of being an agenda film. It was alleged that the figure of conversion of 30,000 girls is false. This film story is of four girls. Three on one side of the floor and the fourth on the other side. But, even if this true story is of an Indian girl, it must be shown to the world. The film ‘The Kerala Story’ clearly explains how ‘love jihad’ is carried out.

After the film is over, real interviews of the people of those families are shown, with whom all this has really happened. Shalini, a young girl from a cheerful family who loves her culture, her family, her lifestyle and her neighborhood. She comes to nursing college to become a nurse. One of the girls he befriends in the hostel conspires to take him down a path of no return.

The Kerala Story Movie Review

There are many allegations against the film ‘The Kerala Story Movie Download’. Will continue to apply in the future also. But, its director Sudipto Sen has tried well to make a balanced film by sticking to the facts. Some of the scenes in the film are quite gruesome and may make the weak hearted uncomfortable, but they also seem necessary to convey the seriousness of the plot.

The Kerala Story Movie Download

Sudipto’s proximity to Vishvacinema helps him to keep a grip on his subject here. Those who know about Sudipto’s cinema, have been convinced of his style. He does not allow melodrama to flourish in cinema. The dramatization of his scenes also has limits and these limits help the film ‘The Kerala Story Movie Download’ to get the title of a good film. The technical team is as simple as the music of the film.

The Kerala Story Movie Download Vegamovies

Yogita Bihani and Siddhi Idnani have also performed very effectively in the role of Shalini’s friends in the film ‘The Kerala Story Movie Download’. In the role of a communist leader’s daughter, Siddhi lives the entire graph of her character and her performance in the scenes ranging from the girl in love to the girl who has lost her sense of self and does not give up, her performance is worth noticing.

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Yogita Bihani’s character is a clever girl in the film but when she is also gang-raped by deceit, she takes it upon herself to expose the entire conspiracy. And, Yogita has also presented this character very beautifully on screen with all its components. Sonia Balani is here in the role of a girl who has the responsibility of seducing the girls of ordinary household and bringing them into the lap of those youths who humiliate them and force them to follow their own path.

The Kerala Story Movie Storyline

As soon as the film ‘The Kerala Story Download’ begins, it is told that the family members of the girls on whose stories this film has been made, have narrated their ordeals on camera. Initially, it seems that this is a film which has been made for a specific political purpose.

But, as the film progresses, it starts connecting with the audience. Girls are tricked by feigned attack, feigned sympathy and feigned love. The meaning of Islam is explained in a twisted way.

Even so many such things are said about Hindu deities and Jesus Christ, seeing which it seems that if the same thing had been said about any other religion, would the followers of that religion be equally tolerant and watch this film? Living By the end of the film ‘The Kerala Story’, which exposes the handcuffs of religious preachers, becomes a film based on such a true incident, which seems necessary to be told in every period.

The Kerala Story Cast

The Kerala Story Main Cast of the movie and there lead role of the movie.

Movie CastCharacter
Adah SharmaShalini Unnikrishnan
Yogita BihaniNimah
Sonia BalaniAsifa
Siddhi IdnaniGeetanjali

Performance of Adah Sharma in The Kerala Story

Adah Sharma is playing the lead role in the film ‘The Kerala Story Movie Download’. First as Shalini and then as Fatima, she has carried the film on both her shoulders in a way. He has got Malayalam in his knees from his mother who belongs to Kerala. She also speaks Malayalam on screen amazingly.

This is the second Hindi film after ‘Dil Se’ to have a song in Malayalam and despite not understanding the language, the song manages to create an elegant effect just because of Adah Sharma’s acting and Veeresh Srivalsa’s melodious music. The creative director and producer of the film, Vipul Amrutlal Shah, should be commended for not compromising on the cast while making a film on a difficult subject.

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