Pi Day

NATIONAL PI DAY. No, not the kind of pie that you eat, instead March 14 is reserved each year to recognize the first three digits of the mathematical constant 3.14.

Falling on Albert Einstein’s birthday, Pi Day is celebrated by math fans all around the world.

The largest online homework help community, Brainly, surveyed 900 American students about math and Pi finding that math is not as universally disliked as most cliches would suggest.

In particular, when students were asked to select their favorite subject in school: 26.4% preferred Math.

20.3% preferred Science, 20.1% selected English and 18% chose Social Studies or History, according to the Brainly survey.

The Brainly survey delved a bit deeper, and it turns out that of the 900 students surveyed across the country 74% believed they knew how to write the number for Pi.

Unfortunately, only 55.3% of students could accurately identify the first five digits of the mathematical constant and 34% chose the wrong sequence of numbers.

Here are a couple historical facts about Pi to impress your friends with today: The value of pi was first calculated by one of the greatest mathematicians of the ancient world.

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